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7300 France Avenue South
Edina, Minnesota 55435
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It's NOT too late to register for lessons! 
We are still accepting registrations! 
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Are All Music Schools the Same?
Here’s why is the right choice
      Highest In Quality:
·        College/University Trained Faculty! 100% of our Music Faculty have their College Degree in Music!      
·        Representing over 50 years of teaching experience!
·        Private and group lessons provided to ensure students learn in the manner that is best suited for them!
·        Student progress reports sent home to families twice a year!
·        Email/phone calls answered daily!
·        In a professional school environment like, a student CANNOT be distracted by t.v., pets, ringing phones, doorbells, siblings or anything else. With only ½ to one hour of lessons time per week, a professional school environment can produce better results since the only focus at that time is learning music. Students in a school environment are also motivated by hearing their peers who are at different levels and by being exposed to a variety of musical instruments. In a music school, the lessons are not just a hobby or sideline for the teacher but a responsibility which is taken very seriously
·         Several students from the same family can take their lessons at the SAME time with convenient scheduling options to save family time!
·         Convenient hours/days to choose from to fit your busy schedule!
·         Comfortable waiting room for parents and students to wait while lessons are in progress! Wi-Fi and plasma TV available for your convenience!
·         Choice of more than one teacher for each instrument to fit your child’s personality and learning style!
·         Books and supplies are sold on-site saving time and money! No more getting the wrong book!  Instrument Rental/Sales/Repair are available on-site (Only Edina Dealer in town!)
·         Convenient Southdale area location!
·         Easy location for pick-up and drop-off with FREE easy and ample parking close to the door!
Unique Advantages:
·         Music lessons may be tax-deductible if taken at a qualified facility (such as our studio)!
·         Students are able to choose from pop, jazz or classical instruction
·         Instruction available for children as young as age 3 through adult
·         Master-class offered throughout the year on various music-related topics to improve student performance and skills!
·         Ensembles and classes available throughout the year to enhance the private music lessons experience!
·         Specializing in adult lessons; 25-30% of our students are adults!
·         Students or parent are never required to fund raise for studio events!
·         Secured entrance for student safety!
·         Recitals offered with Free admission to family and friends!
Music Lessons/Classes on Flute, Clarinet, Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, Tuba, French
Horn, Oboe, Percussion, Drums, Guitar, Piano, Voice, Violin, Viola, Cello, Ukelele, Banjo,
Mandolin and Early Childhood Music FunTime Classes and more in Edina Minnesota 55435. 952-924-4141.
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It's NOT too late to register for lessons! 
We are still accepting registrations! 
Call today to register 952-924-4141!
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