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Studio Lessons vs. In-Home Lessons

Why Studio Lessons are Best!
Starting out as an In-Home lesson music program, the owners who spearheaded the concept and development of has an intimate understanding of the benefits and disadvantages of studio lessons vs. in your home lessons. Before the creation of, owners of the newly developed and designed studio had one major purpose and mission in mind--to provide the highest quality in music instruction with the most qualified teachers in an environment that will produce the best results. (See our link on our Music Faculty: )
With this passion/mission in mind, Music2Master chose studio lessons for the following reasons:
·         Controlling the learning environment plays a key role in the students' progress: Owners of had done extensive graduate work in this area and used their research knowledge to come up with a design that is efficient, effective and inviting. In the studio, students are not sidetracked by ringing telephones, text message bleeps, ringing of the doorbell, sibling rivalry, barking pets and all the household management issues that go on when lessons usually occur. Students are more likely to concentrate in a quiet environment that is fun, colorful and comfortable, but not too comfortable!  Therefore, concentration is high and distraction is low. Students progress faster resulting in increased cost benefits.
·         Parental Options: Parents have more options in our studio. Our secure environment is designed for safety and opportunity. Parents do not have to be waiting at home until the lesson(s) is completed because of someone they have in their home that is not a family member. Because of our security system, our parents can run errands, go grocery shopping, grab a bite to eat, transport other children to activities or utilize our FREE WiFi system or catch up work, emails and other responsibilities. Parents also have the option to watch latest show with our flat screen TV. With the remote in the waiting room, parents have the option to choose what they want to watch or simply to turn the flat screen off  at their discretion. Parents also have the opportunity to walk across the street and visit Centennial Lakes park while lessons are going on.
·         Monitoring Student Progress:  Our open door policy and room size allows parents to sit in on lessons if they so desire or to exercise their choice to leave the lessons anytime they want to catch up on other things. In addition to parental choice, students are given the option to have their lesson as a private matter if they are a little shy or reserved making everyone happy.
·         Student Performance: Whether it is recital performances, sports events, school plays, Broadway musicals or choir, students need to be in an environment that promotes a sense of pride and professionalism that is lost in in-home lessons. In addition to learning all aspects of music, we strongly encourage students to learn accountability, responsibility and self-confidence. Our students will eventually leave after around 10-15 years of lessons feeling good about what they have learned and accomplished. The result is a student feeling confident to take on new challenges that will come their way. Many parents have thanked us for helping their children grow, not only as musicians, but also as confident individuals who learn self-mastery.
·         Teacher Fatigue: Most importantly, what the owners who developed Music2Master have learned from personal experience is that of teacher fatigue and frustrations associated with teachers who do in-home lessons. Traffic jams, personal costs for travel, cold, snow and rain, and auto troubles can add to the daily grind resulting in teachers who are frustrated, tired and distracted. Changing from one environment to another is not only draining, but unproductive as well. Research has found that it take the average individual worker over 30 minutes to refocus when environmental change occurs. Our teachers our fresh, focused and ready to go at all times. The environment does not change for them. They do not need 5-10 minutes to refocus or set up; they are already there ready to go! We have teachers that are with us for many years because of the professional, supportive and consistent environment. This also produces better lessons results.
·         Greater Structure, Consistency and Accessibility in Music2Master Studio Lessons: Teachers at Music2Master are all in favor of and exercise the common mission and purpose of Music2Master providing greater consistency and accuracy in the learning experience. The fundamental learning principles and techniques that make for happy and successful students are implemented no matter which teacher teaches them. All of our teachers follow a standard practice that is uniquely designed to provide effectiveness, consistency and creativity on a consistent basis. Therefore, family members who have multiple children who take at Music2Master will all learn the same principles--no shortcuts and no inconsistency. In addition, our teachers provide a great deal of room for individual creativity and student impute in music choice keeping students interested and motivated.  
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It's NOT too late to register for lessons! 

We are still accepting registrations! 

Call today to register 952-924-4141!

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