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1. Read and sing your music (without the instrument)

2. Color-code parts that are the same with markers

3. Practice away from the instrument and study the music by itself

4. Practice it in sections. Don't try to do it all at once

5. Practice one phrase/section 5 times in a row and then try to play it without the music

6. Do some of the sections spell a word? ie: b-a-g-g-a-g-e

7. Can you make a section/phrase spell something to help you remember? ie: Bears Always Eat Fish Every Friday

8. Finger practice without playing your instrument

9. Take it slow!

10. Reinforce 100% accuracy...don't allow yourself to make mistakes; your brain will remember them!

11. Slow practice too!

12. Use your metronome

13. Play for family and friends the weeks and days before a recital or performance

14. Play on other pianos (if you are a piano student) to get used to playing on pianos other than yours

15. Don't overpractice

16. Play with and without the music

17. Make a copy of your music and cut it up into sections. Number or letter the sections and have someone call out the section and you have to start the piece from that section

18. Tape record yourself and play it back to give and get feedback

19. Don't forget to breath!

20. Stay relaxed (easier said than done!)

21. Don't Panic

22. Play for others

23. Have fun

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