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How To Overcome Nerves When Performing

  1. First impressions are important.
    Wear something appropriate and comfortable for the performance. Check your body language. Look and feel confident from the moment you walk out on stage. When you walk to the piano, stand up straight and smile at the audience. Take your time getting to the bench and bow in the middle of the stage.
  2. Adjust your bench before showtime.
    If possible, don't do this in front of your audience. When you sit down, you should be ready to go.
  3. Choose to perform a piece in front of an audience that is slightly under your top ability.
    Don't pick something that you can't perform with ease when you are a little bit nervous. Choosing something under your ability and performing it well will be a continual confidence builder as you perform again and again.
  4. Nerves are good. Controlled nerves are better.
    Begin your piece just slightly slower than what you think is the "normal" tempo. Your heart will be racing, so do a quick check-in on the tempo in your mind before you start. If anything, you can pick up the pace, so start a little slower so that you can catch your breath.
  5. Take a deep breath before you hit the first note.
    Your oxygen intake is important!
  6. Think about something personally meaningful to you when you perform.
    Don't focus on the mechanics of the piece. If you are well-prepared, you won't have to think about the actual piece itself. So, think about something pleasant and personally moving to you so that you will play with comfort and ease.
  7. Practice, practice, practice.
    The most important tip is to be over prepared. You should be able to perform the piece in your sleep! If you are over prepared, you will be as confident as you can possibly be.
  8. Exit the stage the same way you entered.
    First and last impressions are important.

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