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Pearl Flute Artist Hurkan Ayvazoglu from Turkey Plays on a Hand-Made Silver Pearl Flute

Born in Ankara in 1957, he received his music and flute lessons from his father, Ismail Ayvazoglu. During his education, following an exam opened by the “Ankara State Opera and Ballet” he was accepted to the State Opera Orchestra in 1976. While making small programmes of harpa and flute duets for the TRT Ankara Radio, Ayvazoglu also gave concerts as a soloist player with the Ankara Chamber Orchestra. He was transferred to the “Izmir State Opera and Ballet” as Principal Solo Flutist in 1983. He gave concerts with the orchestra as a soloist performer and performed in the harpa and flute duets for the chamber groups. With a private scholarship Ayvazoglu worked with Prof. Hermann Klemeyer in the “Munich Higher School of Music” where he became Dr. Jochen Gartner’s student. He received a “master flutist” diploma from the “Munich Richard Strauss Conservatory”in 1992. While performing as soloist flutist for the “Richard Strauss Orchestra” for one year, Hürkan Ayvazoglu also worked as a guest performer for the “Neu Munich Symphony Orchestra”. He toured in Italy,Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, France, Holland, Tcheck Republic, Hungary, Azerbejian, Russian Republic, Mexico and numerous other European countries with orchestras and piano accompaniment concerts. He also gave numerous concerts in Germany. The artist, while participating in opera and music festivals in various countries throughout the year, also continues his work as a flute and chamber music instructor in “D.E.University Izmir State Conservatory”. or for more information

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