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Pearl Introduces New Pearl Flute Handmade Headjoint-The Calore

The new Calore headjoint is Pearl’s most responsive and flexible headjoint ever created.
Our craftsmen in Japan have designed a perfect blend of powerful tone, effortless articulation, and exceptional dynamic range in one headjoint that is simply a joy to play.

“When I first tried the new Pearl headjoint, I knew within SECONDS that it was amazing. All I could say was “Wow! Incredible!” What I personally look for in a headjoint is the complete openness of sound, and that no matter how much or how little air/volume I put into the flute, it is “received”. This head is by far the best that I have every tried!” - Rhonda Larson

Available for our Professional Series Handmade Flutes with standard Pearl lip plate and riser options.

We invite you to try Pearl’s new Calore headjoint and experience a new level of unmatched performance.

Our headjoints are available in three different metals - Silver, Gold and Platinum. Silver is best known for its sonorous sound and its wide tonal range. Gold is available in 3 different carats - 10K, 14K and 18K. As the carat level goes higher, the sounds gets more warm and rich, and Gold never tarnishes. Platinum is a rare material, and when used with Gold or Silver, produces enhanced power and projection. Through combining different elements, we can also create unique hybrid Headjoints. Gold and Platinum can produce stunning creations of sound when used with Sterling Silver. Using Gold or Platinum as the Headjoint Riser or Lip Plate can greatly enhance the projection, desired tonal quality and subtlety. We suggest a personal consultation with us so that we may work with you in selecting from an assortment of Headjoint Models and Materials. Available by appointment at! 952-924-4141. or for more information

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