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Pearl Flute Artist Andy Findon plays on a Pearl Flute Hand-Made 14K Maesta, a Pearl Piccolo + a Pear

Andy Findon is Europe’s most recorded flute player. In his thirty years as a London-based musician, he has appeared on countless albums, film & TV scores. He is widely regarded as the definitive flute player in the fiercely competitive world of London’s West End theatres, where he has been continually employed throughout his illustrious career, working closely on original scores for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s productions among many others. He has been involved in just about every genre of performance from serious orchestral work and session recording to rock-bands and performance on a vast array of ethnic instruments.

As well as his enviable reputation as a master performer on the flute, Andy has been Michael Nyman’s baritone saxophonist since shortly after graduating London’s Royal College of Music in 1976. His personal recording projects include 2 multi-tracked CDs and several solo pan-pipe albums as well as writing for many “library” tracks.  For more information about Pearl Flutes, visit us at OR

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