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Surviving Homework With The Help of Music

Every parent who has a school-aged child has experienced at least once ‘the homework battle’. This is the battle in which you calmly tell your child to do their homework and they react with, “but” – “I will in a minute” – “I want to play” – “I don’t have any” – or just plain screaming. Now, you as the parent try to stay calm, this patience wears off after 10 minutes into what has now become the homework battle and now you are both screaming!

You have probably tried some of these tactics: Let them play and then they will do it later, make them do it right away and get it over with, give them a snack while they do it, have them take a nap first (sometimes a battle in itself), and even bribery.

Here are a few tips that you may have not considered. Music can be very calming. Research has found that listening to Mozart’s music makes one relaxed and attentive. In a book authored by Don Campbell, an experiment found that, by listening to music by Mozart, student’s IQ’s were temporarily boosted by 8 to 9 points. Don Campbell said that listening to Mozart’s music actually helps the mind organize time and space.

Now that we know Mozart can calm and relax children, making them smarter in the process, why not give it a try! Buy a CD of Mozart’s music and turn it on for the drive home from your child’s school. If you want them to do their homework right away, tell them that the drive is their downtime, have them close their eyes and relax, listening to the music. You can also have them lie down at home in thier room for 30 minutes, listening to the music and relaxing. Put the music on quietly while they are doing their homework. This music may be the solution to the homework battle!

Not only does listening to Mozart make your kids smarter, but studies show that kids who learn to play music at a young age are more interested in school and get better grades. Exposing your child to learning about music early in life can eliminate the homework battle situation altogether! OR

We would love to hear back from you on this, please let us know if music by Mozart is working or has worked for you!

“Listening to Mozart actually makes you smarter” –Alex Ross, NY Times music columnist

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