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10 Piano Practice Tips


1. Stretch. Playing the pianomay not seem like something that requires stretching, but stretching can prevent repetitive stress related injuries. You’ll also be sitting at the pianofor long periods of time, so stretching can prevent stiff joints and discomfort.

2. Be Happy. This may sound silly, but practicing the pianoin a good mood will make it more enjoyable. If you’re dreading the end of the practice session you’ll probably retain less and the practice session will be useless.

3. Eat Well. Have a snack before practicing the pianoso the dreaded hunger pains don’t creep up after a half hour of practice time. Staying energized will increase clarity while playing and you’ll play better than you would on an empty stomach.

4. Make it a Ritual.Doing the same things in the same way over and over will force your body to recognize when it’s practice time. If your body is ready for the practice session then you’ll be able to jump right back into where you left off easier than if you’re constantly switching things up.

5. Create a Space.Creating the perfect practice area with few distractions will make it easier to focus.

6. Variety.Don’t skip over the difficult parts because you can’t quite get them right. The difficult parts may require some extra attention, but after playing something hard for a bit, go back to something you’ve already mastered. The variety will make you feel more accomplished.

7. Think in Shapes. If you’re having trouble remembering notes, try to remember how your hand looks when you play the note. This is similar to tricks people come up with to remember place names; if you forget a note, your mind will automatically review the hand shapes in your head and you’ll be able to figure out what note you need.

8. Switch it up.Not the practice area, but the order in which you practice. Repetitive practicing can get boring, so switching things up during a practice session can make things more enjoyable.

9. Start With What You Love. Also end with something you love. This can get you excited about the entire practice session.

10. Listen.Listen to pianomusic even when you’re not practicing. You can find new pieces you’d like to learn or hear a new technique to try. Listening is an important part to learning.

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