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Tips for a Healthy Singing Voice (Voice Lessons @

Your voiceis a delicate instrument because if you wreck it you can’t fix it like you can with other instruments. Keeping your voicehealthy means keeping your body healthy. Here are a few tips to keep your singing voicesounding its best.

Drink water.
Drink lots of water! Keeping your body hydrated is the most important thing you can do for your vocal cords. Water helps your body create the lubrication that allows your vocal cords to function properly. Try to drink at least the recommended amount of water each day, but drink more if you can.

Quit Smoking.
Smoking removes the necessary moisture that allows your vocal cordsto function properly. Smoking also reduces normal breathing capacity, so if you smoke, you may not be able to hold those notes as long.

Warm up.
Your vocal cords require a warm up before each time you sing. Singing for long periods of time can cause permanent damage. Always try to warm up for at least 10 minutes before each performance to stretch and relax your vocal cords.

Reduce dairy consumption.
Dairy products coat your throat and reduce your vocal range. You don’t have to completely cut out dairy products, but avoid them right before a performance.

Limit alcohol and soda.
Do not be fooled by thinking since you’re drinking a soda you’re hydrating your body; alcohol and sodas dehydrate your body. Dehydration is the worst thing for your vocal cords. Limit your alcohol and soda consumption, but if you do need a soda or a beer, try to balance it out by drinking an extra glass of water. Just remember to always stay hydrated!

Exercise improves your core muscles and allows you to sing better. Exercises like yoga will improve your posture and teach you breathing techniques. Remember, a healthy body means a healthy singing voice.

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