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Music Audition Preparation Tips

Preparation of Scales and Repertoire:

- Perform for an audience. Yes, perform even your scales for an audience of three or more people. Scales are the building block of your pieces. The more accurate and solid your scales, the more accurate and solid your repertoire. The more you perform in front of an audience - even a small one - the more comfortable you will be.

- Work constantly on the difficult spots. You can never practice the difficult passages too many times. You should be able to play the most difficult passages with the greatest of ease. This only comes with careful and constant repetition. Practice makes permanent!

On the Audition Day:

- Warm Up! It is a good idea to play through your scales and pieces SLOWLY before you arrive at the audition site. Once you arrive, start your pieces and scales.

- Think Positively! As you think about the audition, imagine your sound as one of confidence and clarity.

- Enjoy! This is what you have been working for. The adjudicators are there to listen to you play well and really enjoy listening to each and every student. Keep breathing and relax!

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