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Tips to Extend the Life of Guitar Strings

Overtime, guitar strings will have to be replaced; it’s inevitable. Natural stretch and wear will require you to replace your guitar strings regularly, but here are a few tips to keep yourguitar stringsas long as possible.

1. Wash and thoroughly dry hands before playing. Washing and drying hands removes oil and buildup from your hands that would otherwise get on the guitar.
2. Keep away from smoke or smoky places.
3. Keep hands as dry as possible when playing the guitar. Wet or sweaty hands will break down the strings and cause them to have to be replaced more often.
4. Try not to strum or play your guitar too hard (avoid heavy grip on fretting hand and aggressive picking). Some guitarists have a tendency to play their guitar “hard” and that wears out the strings faster.
5. Obviously, the more guitars are played, the more often their strings will need to be replaced. If you’re not going to be able to change your guitar strings anytime soon, then avoid strumming away for hours on end, otherwise you will have to change your guitar.

Here are a few tips to tell when it is time to change your guitar strings.

1. When the strings start to look dark or tarnished, the probably should be changed. Oil and buildup will cause strings to become tarnished and in need of replacement.
2. When the strings start to sound dull, they’ll need to be changed to keep a nice fresh sound.
3. If the guitar tone sounds flat, the strings will need to be changed. Strings are responsible for keeping the sound of your guitar in tune.
4. If you have a harder time tuning your guitar and getting it to stay in tune, the strings should be changed.
5. If one string breaks after a long period of time, it’s a good indication that all strings should be changed. Otherwise, they’ll all start breaking.

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