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Music Audition Tips

• To practice tuning, play your scales with a drone and compare each note to the drone so your pitch stays centered in the key.
• String players: check your pitches against open strings when you practice scales to make sure that your intervals are correct.

Sight Reading:
• Practice sight-reading every day with a metronome
• Practice sight-reading in duets, which will keep you from stopping to fix errors, and will also make this practice less of a chore and more of a fun activity with friends.

Dealing with Mistakes:
• If you hit a wrong note, think of it as a “different note,” and continue to perform with musical commitment – then it won’t injure your performance as much.

Dealing with Nerves:
• Envision very specific goals and mentally walk yourself through the entire audition.
• Devise mental, physical, and musical goals to define your own success.
• Keep your feet grounded on the floor, and use your nervous energy to propel you towards a great performance.
• Get a sense of where you are in the room and strive to fill the entire room with your forte sound.

• Make sure that you are neatly dressed, which will communicate respect for the judges and seriousness about the task at hand. Wear something that your grandparents would approve of.
• Girls – stay away from those high heels, which will throw you off balance and affect your setup, especially if you don’t normally wear them.
• Practice your audition in the clothes that you plan on wearing.

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