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How to Keep Kids Interested in Music Lessons

Children are notorious for getting excited about a new hobby and then becoming bored with it after a short amount of time. What happens when you just shelled out serious money for a new instrument and Music Lessons for your child because they “had” to learn to play an instrument? After a while of forcing your child to practice, it may seem easy to let them quit. Studies have shown that Music Lessons benefit children their whole lives and sticking with music lessons can teach them valuable lessons about commitment.

Here are a few ways to make music lessons fun for kids.

Music Outings. Children might not understand that their music lessons can be something they keep the rest of their lives. Go on field trips to local (kid-friendly) music scenes like orchestras, family oriented concerts or even musicals to show them their musical talent means something.

Switch Instructors. If your child shows a sincere interest in music, but after beginning lessons suddenly loses interest, it might be a good idea to find another teacher. Children learn at different paces and some kids might need a more outgoing instructor that specializes in working with younger children than someone who is more accustomed to working with adults. Before letting your children quit music lessons, try switching instructors and see if that renews their interest.

Praise their success. Kids love nothing more that their parents and peers recognizing something they excel at. Reward or praise your child every time they learn a new technique or play through a new piece of music. Eventually they will feel the accomplishment of learning new things and will not need to be praised daily. 

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