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Piano Lesson Myth: I Have to Practice Everyday

As with anything, there are plenty of myths that go along with piano lessons.

These may have started out as accepted truths in the olden days, but now we know better. Many piano students will hear these myths throughout their lives, but one might wonder if there is any truth to these myths.

Myth: You should practice the piano every day.

This is a very common myth because it seems to make sense; the more you practice, the better you will play. This is true, in a sense, because you cannot progress without practicing, however, those days of rest without practice are necessary. Similar to lifting weights, you should alternate working different parts of your body because your muscles need time to heal. With playing the piano, your brain needs time to absorb what it just learned. 

Another reason not to aim to practice every day is because some days you simply will not be able to practice. Whether you’re out of town, not feeling well or something came up, there are times when practicing the piano will not be a top priority. If you’re set on practicing seven days a week, then you might stress out about this one day of missed practice and try to “make it up” the next day. This can lead to over exerting or rushing to practice and making errors. Learning to play the piano should be something you enjoy and look forward to. Trying to practice every day makes this a chore and will eventually be something you dislike doing. Learning to play the piano is a fun hobby and is shown to be beneficial later in life, so keep things fun!

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