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Music Lesson Myth: Children should not begin music study until they can read?

Myth: Children should not begin music study until they can read.This myth came about because sometimes children have trouble focusing and it’s thought that by “reading age,” which is about 6 years old, children are able to maintain their attention and learn. Music study also requires children to sight read and it’s believed that children who cannot read, cannot learn to sight read.

Fact:During the first year of a child’s life is when rapid brain development takes place. Music study at a young age can enhance children’s brain development and growth. Young children take in everything they hear and love to mimic others. Music requires a good, well trained ear, so the earlier you expose children to music, the more success they will likely have with music later in life.

There are music lessons for young children that focus on moving to beats, counting, clapping rhythm etc. These are group classes so children are having fun with their peers and learning at the same time. This is a form of music study and is extremely beneficial once the children are mentally capable of taking private lessons.

Children are never too young to be introduced to the world of music!

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