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Product: Bach Deluxe Polishing Cloths
Description: Top quality polishing cloth. Its larger size maks cleaning your instrument faster and easier. Specially designed for silver or silver-plated finishes.  -
Retail Price:$10.00
Our Price:

Product: Flute Maintenance Kit
Description: Product description :Includes: pad cleaning paper, cleaning gauze (100% cotton), tone hole cleaner, treated silver polishing cloth (100% rayon) and polishing cloth (100% cotton).... more >> -
Retail Price:$24.95
Our Price:

Product: Flute Snake-Cleaning Swab
Description: Absorbant Flannel Snake fits over cleaning rod to swab through flute. Washable.  -
Retail Price:$11.00
Our Price:

Product: Hodge Silk Flute Swab
Description: 100% China silk. Perfect for cleaning out the inside of your flute.  -
Retail Price:$9.00
Our Price:

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