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  1. Subscribe to flute magazines such as: Flute Talk and Flute Explorer
  2. Join professional organizations in your area that support flute. Minnesota example: UMFA (Upper Midwest Flute Association)
  3. Join outside of school performing organizations to keep up your skills and to get other perspectives. Minnesota examples: GTCYS (Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphony)
  4. Listen to good flute players (invest in quality CD’s and attend quality concerts)
  5. Please check the qualifications of your private teacher
  6. Don’t leave your flute outside in the rain (marching band). This is bad for the pads and the hardware on your flute
  7. Don’t leave your flute in your car/trunk. Not just for safety sake, but because extreme temperatures aren’t good for the pads, case and hardware of your flute
  8. Don’t set your flute across a chair or music stand if you aren’t using it. It may go flying if bumped or can get sat on
  9. Stand when you practice your flute or sit up straight if you are sitting
  10. Brush your teeth before playing your flute. If that isn't possible, rinse your mouth out thoroughly with water
  11. Avoid touching the keys when putting your flute together to avoid denting or damaging your keys
  12. Practice a little each day versus a lot on one or two days
  13. Keep your fingers close to your keys when not in use so that they are ready when needed
  14. Clean your flute out after each use
  15. Bring your flute in to a reputable repair technician once a year for general maintenance and prevention
  16. If you are looking for a new flute/piccolo, ask your private instructor for suggestions
  17. Don’t get your finger stuck inside of the body of the flute…nuff said!
  18. Open your flute case up right so your flute doesn't get broken and remember
    to shut it securly!
  19. Don't Break It!
  20. Try To Avoid Playing in Cold Temperatures As Much as You Can!
  21. Be Teach-able. Through everyone and everything you encounter. Rhonda Larson.
  22. Question everything. Be curious, so that your own unique way and methods will evolve. Rhonda Larson.
  23. Practice viewing the world through learning the flute. (View the “Bigger Picture”). It is a perfect analogy and insight into your own being, in all the complexities of soul, personality tendencies, and intellect, with positive goals. Rhonda Larson.
  24. Your most essential work in practicing the flute is to become a better (happier) human being, not just to become a better flute player.
    Rhonda Larson.
  25. Practicing is an ACTIVE process, and it is largely based upon REPETITION. Be happy to work hard with your mind alert to all details. Repeat, repeat, repeat. (That is, your phrases you are practicing to learn, as well as this sentence). Rhonda Larson.
  26. Be unique and authentic, not just an imitator. Breakthroughs and discoveries will sprout from within all that you alone have been Given. (That is why some will call you “Gifted”).
    Rhonda Larson.
  27. Be kind to yourself. You are a Life Student, not just a once-for-all-time learner. Dis-empower the self-critic by learning to diagnose a problem and simply work the solution with compassion toward yourself. Rhonda Larson.
  28. If you want to save yourself time, practice SLOWLY. One thing at a time, all the time it needs. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Rhonda Larson.
  29. Blow your Soul wide open. Blow the flute from your soul, not just your lungs. Rhonda Larson.
  30. Be bold. Create a purpose for yourself: think about what you want your music to be for YOU, and what you would like it to be for your LISTENERS. Rhonda Larson.
  31. Have FUN!

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