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Hall Crystal Flutes:
How to Clean Your Crystal Flute
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How Do I Clean My Hall Crystal Flute?

Our flutes are easy to clean. For the outside just give it a quick spray of Windex® and wipe with a soft cloth. For cleaning the inside our swabs work great for removing accumulated moisture, but if you would like a more through cleaning you can hand wash your flute just like you would a wine glass. Fill a plastic dishpan with hot water and dish soap and wash with a soft cloth. Slosh the soapy water on the inside and rinse with hot water. Then prop up in a safe place to drain. When it is dry you can return it to your flute stand or box.

Our flutes are made from Pyrex Glass so hot water is not a problem.  Even though our decorations are kiln-fired and are permanent, we do not recommend using automatic dishwashers for the soap used is very harsh and will eventually dull the decoration.

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