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The Trumpet is one of the oldest musical instruments. It was first used for signaling in ancient China (2000B.C.). The earliest trumpet was long and had no valves. In Roman times, the trumpet was played at civilian and military ceremonies. In the late 1300's, it acquired the twice folded shape similar to today's trumpet. Early in history, trumpets became associated with Biblical lore.

The sound of trumpets was meant to represent angels, war, and the end of the world. By the late 1700's, the trumpet became a regular member of the Orchestra. In seventeenth and eighteenth-century Europe, the trumpet became very popular. It began to look something like the clarinet, the flute, and the French horn. Later on those instruments developed their own characteristics as wind pieces. In 1815 the valves in the trumpet were invented. Now they are normally made of brass or other metal. Trumpets are played in marching bands, orchestras, jazz bands, brass ensembles, and popular music. Some well known trumpet players from our time are Louis Armstrong, Herb Alpert, and Wynton Marsalis.

The brilliant sound of the trumpet is very popular in the United States, but there are a lot of variations of the trumpet that exist today. In the Middle East, they prefer a sound much different to ours. This is also true in Asia, Russia, and South America.

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