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Flute Student

My experience with Music Masters has been both valuable and enjoyable. Not only have I grown as a flute player, I have begun to explore other realms of the music world. My teacher has been an amazing teacher, and I have improved greatly this year. She has helped me not only to set goals, but also to achieve them. The curriculum is very intense, but also very comprehensive. In my lessons this past year, I have studied many different, but specific, aspects of flute playing, and it has benefited me greatly. During the Holiday Recital, I was able to see how supportive not only the teachers are of the students, but also how the students are very supportive of their peers. I would certainly recommend taking lessons from the teachers at Music Masters. They truly love their work, and are able to infect their students with the same passion for music, that they themselves hold. The general atmosphere of Music Masters is very supportive and encouraging of its students. I have found myself as a more dedicated and better student of flute, and music in general, as a direct result of my lessons with
--Emma Carew; Student for over 4 years

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