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I continue to choose Music2Master as my Vendor for all things Music

All 3 of my children have or are currently attending Edina Schools. Jade, my eldest daughter, graduated last year. Both Jade and Sara participated in the schools’ music programs. Jade, as you know, became one of the Flute section leaders and maintained first or second chair throughout her time in band.The vendor we’ve used all along, was Music2Master. Located in Edina, they’ve provided superior services to my family in multiple areas including instrument rental, lessons, instrument purchases, music purchases and, most importantly, guidance for me and my children as they pursued their musical “careers”. I continue to choose Music2Master as my vendor for all things music as my 4th grade son, Jordan, begins his path toward learning to play and then “Master” a musical instrument. Besides the convenience of the location, the facility itself is welcoming and, more importantly – safe. I’m just as comfortable dropping off my children as I am waiting and relaxing by watching television or accessing the internet to get my work done. I’d like to recommend Music2Master as one of the available vendor choices for Edina Band Rental Week. Not only because of what I’ve already mentioned, but also because, as customers, we are afforded the very best options available.
--Derek Carter; Parent of Flute, Piano and soon to be Trumpet Lessons

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