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Flute Student

Just wanted to say hi from Duluth. I miss taking lessons from Music2Master but have had a lot of fun in Duluth. In September I auditioned into the top band at the UMD, the wind ensemble, and was placed as the second chair flutist, playing first flute music. I'm the youngest flute player in our band and so I was very thankful to get the second chair spot out of five flutists. I auditioned on the Hungarian Fantasy piece by Doppler that you and I worked on. I am also in the orchestra playing flute and piccolo and I am in the marching band playing piccolo.  I have a jury next month and I am playing Handel's Sonata in F major and Poulenc's Sonata. Thanks to your wonderful piano playing, Jodi, and all of your help on the Poulenc piece, I feel confident on my jury piece. I hope all is well at Music2Master - I am hoping to take lessons there again in the summer. I just wanted to let you know all that has happened since I came to Duluth and how the lessons have helped me. Thanks again! Jenny

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