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Flute, Voice, Piano Student

I like Music Masters because it's has two atmospheres swirled into one. The first atmosphere is fun, like you can joke around and tell secrets and stuff and don't have to worry about the whole school knowing you like so and so by tomorrow. You feel really comfortable in an environment that normally would be tense and unnerving. On the other hand, Music Masters is serious about what they teach. They push you past your comfort zone to create a wonderful and beautifully composed musician. You may think it isn't worth your time but believe me, it is like the difference between sweet and sour. You will start to notice you have more confidence and skill when you play. This is because Music Masters doesn't take your money and run. When you arrive for the first time, you do a little skill work to show what you know and then you work from there, building on what you already know and creating new areas in your musical experience. Music Masters is well worth looking into for any person that is willing to push themselves out of the comfort zone and ultimately become a wonderful musician.
--Anna Essendrup; Student for over 7 years

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