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Adult Piano Student and Parent of Flute and Piano Students

I've known my Music2Master teacher for over 13 years and consider her to be one of the finest music instructors in the business. My daughter began taking flute lessons from her when she was in 5th grade. That was the start of a rewarding relationship for all of us. Having her as a flute teacher was an invaluable experience for my daughter, not just because of the excellent musical skills she acquired but also because of the disipline and perseverence she learned from her, both of which have helped her throughout her academic career. With her assistance, my daughter progressed into the Varsity Band and then to the Concert Band at Edina High School.

Throughout this time,  she was there as a friend as well as a teacher and mentor to my daughter. Several years ago I began taking piano lessons from her and have found it to be a fun and rewarding experience. She has a knack for making her students feel comfortable and for motivating them to succeed. She has high expectations for her students, which I appreciate because it motivates me to work hard. Soon after I began taking piano lessons from her, my husband began taking lessons from another Music2Master teacher. We both look forward to our lesson night because both teachers are so enthusiastic and make our lessons so enjoyable. My 9-year-old niece is now also taking piano lessons from my teacher and she thinks the world of her as well. She especially likes the frog collection and her candy dish.

Her musical expertise and educational background make her an excellent flute and piano teacher. She is extremely dedicated to her students and works hard to be sure each of them succeeds at their own pace. If you are looking for high quality, professional attention in a fun and relaxed environment, Music Masters is the place to go.
--Joan Southworth; Students for over 14 years

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